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Styling Blocks

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Styling Set
These Styling Blocks are stackable which help save space and very lightweight!!! Used to add dimension to any Flatlay Board.

Rectangle Set contains: 6" X 4.75", 5" x 4", 4.5" x 3.5", 4" x 3" and 3" x 2"

We also provide a beautiful container for storage which is optional to purchase.

Cylindrical Styling Set of 5 are used for creating amazing Flat Lays and Mood Boards to add dimension to your Flat Lay. This set includes 5 blocks all different sizes.

Sizes of Circles: Largest circle is 5" and they go all the way down to 1" Circle. Height is from 1" to 1.4"

They come in a white or a more clearer color. You can request a color but if I am out of that color, I will send the color that I have in stock. With using them as a depth and dimension tool, and having them hidden underneath invites, etc. it should not matter which color you use.


All orders are custom made so processing time is 3-5 days and then 1-3 business days for shipping. With these being custom made, we do not allow refunds or exchanges!

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